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Black Leather Biker Jacket For Men

Black Leather Biker Jacket For Men

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Black Leather Biker Jacket For Mencket

This Black Leather Biker Jacket For Men is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It features high-quality leather construction and long-lasting durability for maximum protection and comfort. Perfect for any occasion, this leather jacket is a great way to stay stylish and stylishly warm.

Clean, stylish design for this motorcycle jacket. Beautiful Italian calf leather giving great protection, complete with shoulder and elbow pads. Removable thermal vest. We are very proud of the extremely high standard of our motorcycle leather jackets, 100% made in Italy.

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Care Instructions


  • Bleach, Wash Or Tumble
  • Dry Store Or Hang Folded
  • Expose To Heat Sources & Moisture
  • Store In Plastic & Vinyl Bags
  • Expose To Direct Sunlight For Prolonged Durations


  • Soft dry clean only
  • Store In A Breathable Cloth Bag
  • Use Padded Or Wooden Hangers
  • Visit A Leather Specialist For Deep Cleaning
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